Great Matches To Be Held At The Roberts Stadium

The M.M. Roberts Stadium is home to the University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles football team. It is also called"The Rock". The scene was originally inaugurated in the title of"Faulkner Field" in 1938. During the great depression, it had been L.E. Faulkner ordered it to be constructed. It was initially built using wood from the local workers for a seating capacity of approximately 4000. The Stadium was subsequently expanded to a seating capacity of 7000 in the 1950s.

The Journey

The journey of the special stadium was impeccable With minor to significant changes through the years. With all of the modifications, the fabulous arena is because we see it now.

● It was constructed in 1938 by L.E. Faulkner.
● The Roberts Stadium was rebuilt at a Cost of $6.3M. This was their main renovation since it built two decks for the stadium which took the seats capacity to 33000.
● The current press box was added In 1989 and the training facilities were added in 2002. This made the team even stronger.
● In 2008, the college included Another 4000 chairs to the list and 33 unique suites with luxury utilities and amenities.
● The stadium changed the press Box along with the video board at mid-2013.
● The Roberts Stadium set a record attendance of 36641 in 2015 at the Season-opening from Mississippi State.
More Concerning the USM Stadium and Golden Eagles

Since its opening, the Golden Eagles have attained a Whopping 69.1 percent winning speed and have savored 10 undefeated seasons at the USM Stadium. The authorities are unwilling to hike prices because of their loss from the first half of FY2020. With the social distancing from the film, the seating capacity stands at 30% that's 10,800 seats.

This monumental stadium has hosted uncountable matches Throughout history and is deemed to sponsor many more. With the football craze in mind along with the enthusiastic fans, the Roberts Stadium Hattiesburg is sure to become one of the epic stadiums which will have hosted several epic matches in history. Every football fan must go to this arena at least once and experience the energy and beauty of the field.

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